Natalee Davies Gold Edition One Stroke Tigress is ON SALE!

Natalee Davies Gold Edition Tigress One Stroke
Natalee Davies Famous One Stroke Tigress - ON SALE FOR $14 ($4 off)
This cake is exceptional, creating beautiful reindeer, cats, bears, butterflies, dogs and many other popular creatures and designs!
Order online or visit us in store by appointment.
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How to apply glitter tattoos

Here are instructions to apply glitter tattoos:

  • Remove the back layer, so the tattoo stencil has its sticky side exposed;
  • Apply sticky side to skin and peel off top clear stencil layer;
  • Apply cosmetic glue to voided area of tattoo;
  • Puff glitter onto glued area;
  • Sweep away excess glitter with sweeper brush;
  • Carefully peel off stencil and replace backing and clear top layer to stencil;
  • Glitter tattoo should have clean edging and last approximately two weeks.
  • Each stencil may last up to approximately eight uses, depending on care taken and how delicate the stencil design is.
  • Can be removed with olive oil.
Easter school holidays face painting fun

Easter school holidays face painting fun

The April school holidays usually means Easter time, which is always a great chance to get into face painting!

Why not buy a basic kit to use at home. Practice face painting with the kids and they might even like to try painting their arms and maybe each other!

Every week more and more kids are trying face painting. I always love how many little people tell me that they would like to be a 'paint facer' when they grow up!

Happy holidays!

TAG 12 Colour Palette

Halloween is here! Face Paint is everywhere!

Halloween is here! Face Paint is everywhere!

Halloween doesn't need to be all scary! Sugar Skulls are growing popularity each year, as part of the Day of the Dead festivities. Colour, detail and bling and skulls!
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Black Cosmetic Glitter - Perfect for Halloween Glamour!

Black Cosmetic Glitter - Perfect for Halloween Glamour! Buy from Face Paint for every body online.

Buy TAG Body Art Cosmetic Puff Glitter for beautiful sparkle. 

Available in 15ml, 60ml and 250ml bottles, prices start from $5.95.

Express Shipping across Australia.


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